The Clubhouse

The PSC Clubhouse contains of a large meeting room / classroom with tables and chairs for up to 49 people., Adjacent kitchen facilities and indoor bathrooms, make this facility ideal for year-round meetings and training.

Harvey Ring Memorial

Indoor Shooting Range




Originally constructed and named for a Club President that died unexpectedly, PSC is proud to have a 50 foot indoor heated shooting range that has 7 stations and is used for .22 caliber rifles and handguns.


In addition the center three firing positions are open for all calibers of handguns. (no magnums, no wad cutters)

This Range is newly renovated in 2010, and is heated for winter time use, has adjustable lighting at each shooting station and is used for “all weather” training classes.



Use of exterior doors to separate the ready room from the unheated range space, provides an easy status of the range to the Range Officer as doors cannot be closed if a shooter is present at the firing line.  When open they serve as dividers between shooters.

The glass in the doors provides an easy way for all present in the ready room to see activities downrange.



The range has 7 shooting position each equipped standing height target backers as well as prone backers.  Shooters affix targets to the  wooden slats with staples for full range of adjustable positions.


Indoor Range “Ready Area” and Small Meeting Room.





Typical Shooting Position showing table in position for Pistol Shooting. Table is hinged for easy access to prone, sitting, standing positions for small bore rifle. Firing line is marked at 50 feet.



Trap Shooting Fields

There are two Trap Fields that conform to the Amateur Trapshooting Association regulations. Both of these fields have a voice activated target release system and an enclosed scorer’s house. There are six registered shooting events scheduled for 2008.



Outdoor Pistol Range

The 50 foot and 25 yard outdoor pistol range is open all year and has a wood stove heated structure with 4 shooting stations.

The outdoor pistol range is enhanced with a steel plate rack, steel dueling tree, and steel gong allowing good feedback and practice for all calibers of hand guns.

Fixed target backers are located at 50 feet and 25 years and the range is equipped with numerous portable target stands.


Outdoor Rifle Range

There are two outdoor rifle ranges that are open all year. The rifle range has 100 and 180 yard enclosed firing positions.  The 100 yard range has a heated (wood stove) enclosure with 4 shooting stations. The 180 yard enclosure is not heated.  In addition, the 100 yard range has 2 outdoor concrete bench-rest shooting positions.  If a shorter distance is desired, targets may be placed at the 35, 50, and 75 yard target berms.