Bulls Eye Pistol (Indoor)

Peterborough Sportsman’s Club sponsors two teams that are part of the New Hampshire Pistol League.  The purpose is to foster the development and enhancement of pistol shooting skills, the application of the lessons learned through good sportsmanship, the development of self-discipline and self-reliance, the application of the lessons of fair-play that are learned through shooting competition, and the development and application of safe and responsible shooting practices.

The league recognizes the importance of fostering good shooting habits and discipline in our members, and encourages participation in accordance with the league and club’s safety rules, range regulations, and all applicable statutory provisions.

Our matches follow the National Rifle Association’s Gallery Match Course, comprised of one Slow Fire target, one Timed Fire target and one Rapid Fire target shot at 50 feet with .22 caliber rimfire pistols.  Traditionally, matches are shot one-handed, although we have added two-handed teams to our league to encourage participation of those who may not be capable, or desire to shoot one-handed.

Small Bore Rifle (Indoor)

The Peterborough Sportsman’s club is a proud participant in the Cheshire Windham Rifle League. The league has been in continuous operation since 1949. Other clubs include Cheshire County Fish and Game and the Putney Gun Club. We are a “travelling league”, and visit other ranges as part of a 3 team, 2 range league. Previously there have been as many as 5 teams in the league. A few years back, (2007), the Peterborough club had enough shooters to have 2 teams represent our club.

The format is 4P (4 position) smallbore. It is 22 long rifle, fired at 50 feet on an NRA A17 target. Typically the matches are shot on Friday nights from January through April, with preseason matches in December. It is an NRA sanctioned league, with scores counting towards NRA classification. New shooters usually start early in the fall to “get the feel” for this type of competition, and are usually taken under the guidance of an experienced shooter. Specialized equipment is used, such as “Walther®”, “Anschutz®” and a few high end American made target rifles, such as the Remington 40X®. The club maintains 2 of these for loaner use to qualified individuals.



Winter Trap League

PSC particpates in the “Winter Trap League” where shooters take to the Trap fields at three ranges, during the midst of winter and endure whatever mother nature offers up.

The league shoots a total of 10 weeks, with a rotional visit to each Club, this includes Peterborough, Cheshire  County Fish & Game and Sportsman’s Inc in Brattleboro VT.