2018 Renewal Information is now posted below…

General Membership Information

YES, as of December 2017, Peterborough Sportsman’s Club is still currently accepting new members.  We do not expect to change this for the foreseeable future.

The Club has an open membership policy, which does not restrict membership on the basis of race, sex, religion, or creed or any other restriction prescribed by law.

All new members complete an application form and present required documentation, must pay prorated annual dues, a $25 Orientation Fee, and must successfully complete the Club & Safety Orientation to be issued a membership card and combo,  and be considered a “Member in good standing”. All members must have their membership card with them at all times while on the property.  Members in good standing may bring guests to use the Club facilities.

2018 Membership Renewal Process

There are four(4) renewal options for this year, three of them allow you to get Membership and Indoor Range cards directly in hand on the spot, the last by mail.

All four methods use the same renewal form:  2018_PSC_Renewal_Form.pdf  Note: In addition to downloading it here, you can also get this same form from the “free Take One” boxes for renewals in the Clubhouse, the Pistol House, the Rifle House, or from any Club Officer.

The three options to get cards and combos in hand and be sure you will have them when the locks change on January 1st  include:

#1 – “Card Days” at the Clubhouse– We currently have these days scheduled:

December Dates for Renewals:

Saturday  16 December     09:00 - 11:00  - Clubhouse
Thursday  21 December     18:00 - 20:00  - Clubhouse
Saturday  23 December     09:00 - 11:00 - Clubhouse
Thursday  28 December     18:00 - 20:00  - Clubhouse
Saturday  30 December     09:00 - 11:00 - Clubhouse

Watch your email for notices about additional “Card Days” at the Club as they are scheduled.

#2 – Contact ANY Club Officer, President – Charlie Stevenson, Vice President – Seth Wish, Secretary – Bob Bowes, Treasurer – Harv Ames,  or Assistant Treasurer – Chet Bowles, as well as eBoard members: Neil Jeneral & Doug Whiton, Rob Alexander.  These folks have a kit with Renewal Forms, Keys and Membership Cards.

#3 – Attend an eBoard Meeting in January, February, or March 2018. They are always held the first Thursday of the month, at 7:00 pm in the Clubhouse (there should be someone there by 6:30pm to do renewals) (note these will be AFTER the locks change)

#4 – The fourth option is to print, fill out and mail your form– The option to send in your renewal form and get keys and membership cards by mail will also work. In the past few years the process of mailing and ensuring members get keys has been slightly less effective, we occasionally lose one in the mail, and it does take some additional time since we don’t pick-up incoming mail from the post office box every day.

How To Join PSC as a New Member

NOTE TO NEW APPLICANTS – This process was updated with three important changes and took affect March 2014 per a vote of the eBoard:

  1. New Members will attend a combined Executive Board Interview / Safety Orientation held in one session now, at 9:00am, on the first Saturday of each month.
  2. New Members will be required to provide documentation of attending a Firearm Safety Training class.
  3. New Members will be required to provide Documentation of a Background Check, this is most easily and cheaply done by showing a “NH Pistol & Revolver License” issued by your local town/city for $10.

New Membership Processing

Download the new PSC_Membership_Application.pdf and print one for each person seeking members (1 per person), or pick one up at the Club if you happen to catch one of us there. Please read the first two pages, they contain important information on how to complete the form and process your application. Then complete it, and bring it with you to the next combined Executive Board Interview / Safety Orientation Session, held the first Saturday of the month, at  9:00 am, at the PSC Clubhouse.

During the interview process, you will meet a representative of the Executive Board and be asked to introduce yourself, explain your interests in the Club, and describe your previous shooting and firearm training / handling experience.  You will also present your completed application, along with training and background check documents for verification. (No copies will be made or retained) Bring cash or a check for the Membership, Orientation fees, and optionally Indoor Range Fees.

When you are complete the interview process and paperwork, you will proceed directly to the orientation to familiarize you with Club facilities and ranges.. and if desired to Indoor Range Qualification. Upon successful completion of this mandatory orientation you will be given a membership card and combo for the gate and Clubhouse locks, and you may begin using the Club.

Firearms Training Required –

Individuals seeking new Club membership will need to submit evidence of successfully completing a formal firearms training program. This can be in the form of certificates issued at or following the course, or other training documentation. “Firearm training program” means any National Rifle Association handgun rifle or shotgun safety training course; any handgun, rifle or shotgun safety training course available to the general public, utilizing instructors certified by the National Rifle Association or the State of NH, or another state’s department of public safety, state police department, or similar certifying body, or completion of small arms training, and ongoing qualification, while serving with the armed forces of the United States.   All courses must include a “Live Fire” component, utilizing conventional firearms. (No laser, pellet or BB guns) Any person seeking approval for a firearm safety training course offered other than those certified by the National Rifle Association shall submit a detailed description of the course content along with their application.  (Brochure, class outline, print out of webpage, or other description of the course you took)

One necessary aspect of the required Firearms Training is that you as a student, participate in safe, hands-on, handling and shooting of firearms at a civilian range, with other shooters and instructors nearby.  This will best prepare you for shooting at our ranges.

Classes we CANNOT accept:

    • While we fully respect, and in fact host, Hunter Education Classes here at our Club, we cannot accept this training or past hunting licenses, as meeting the Firearms Safety Training required for membership.  Hunter education courses by design, focus on so many other aspects of ethical and safe hunting in the field, because of that, in the time allotted for the class, there just is not enough time spent focused on safe RANGE use of firearms.
    • Likewise we cannot accept the NRA Home Firearm Safety course, a 4 hour class that does NOT include any live fire aspects. The entire class is taught in a classroom setting and only involves unloading guns equipped with dummy ammo.  This does NOT meet the criteria of including “live fire” and will not be accepted.

Background Check Required –

To ensure that new Club members meet the criteria of being a “proper person” able to own / possess firearms in the State of New Hampshire and therefore on our Club property, we require all new members to complete a background check.   To meet this requirement all new members must show a “NH Pistol & Revolver License” issued by their local town or the State Police, or an equivalent for out of state applicants (License to Carry – LTC). Individuals licensed or certified in other ways; LEO, retired LEO, State certified Security Guard, Armored Car Guard, Private Investigator, may use their official identification to meet this requirement.

We are not going to get into the business of “doing background checks”, it is expensive, takes time, has record keeping implications, and in short, there is no added value for us to do that.  Thankfully there is a very simple, inexpensive process used by other clubs that lets us vet your status quickly and simply.   We simply ask to see your “NH Pistol & Revolver License” which requires and documents your background check.   Peterborough Sportsman’s Club will NOT make or retain any copies of this documentation, the Club official processing the membership application will only check a box denoting: ”Documentation presented deemed to be valid” on the individual membership application. DO NOT SEND or INCLUDE COPIES OF your license or other documentation.

We realize that some individuals will only shoot shotguns and rifles, and have no interest in concealed carry of a loaded handgun, regardless of this intent, the NH Pistol & Revolver License is one of the simplest way that an applicant can obtain a background check  and be considered a “proper person” to own and possess firearms.

Although NH has changed the law on concealed carry, and does NOT REQUIRE a license as of 2/2017, it still remains the lowest cost, simplest way for applicant to document a completed background check.

NH is a “shall issue” State where all proper persons shall be issued such a license upon completing the form, background check and paying $10 for 5 years.  The local town officials are responsible for performing the background check and do all the work necessary.  The process is guaranteed by Law to take no more than 14 days, requires only a simple 1 page for resident’s Form DSSP-85  ( ) and cannot by law include any other forms, fingerprinting or photos.  For more information about processing of your license see the Gun Owners of NH website looking for thier link for Gun Laws FAQ, on the left side of the screen.

Make sure you read the front and BACK of the State Police application form, the back or second page, contains several important items including the reasons you may request a permit,  and the correct expiration date of your License. (check when you do get it)

Current Dues & Fees – 2018

Dues – Currently the Club membership has voted for Annual Dues (Jan to Dec) of $135.00. Our Family and Senior Membership fees are based on this, with Family Members at $67.50 (for other adults over the age of 18 living at the SAME address, who will have the facility combo and membership cards).  Senior membership are $101.25 for those 65 and older, with 5 or more years of continuous paid Club membership.

Orientation Fee – Our Orientation Fee (one time) is $25.00 per person oriented. (the orientation may be waived for new members attending a firearm safety class at PSC (Basic Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Defensive Pistol, Personal Protection)

Indoor Range – Our heated Indoor Range is self-supporting and currently requires a $30 per year fee for the “Combo” to the lock used for entry to the range.

Note: The dues (only) portion of “First Year Membership” is prorated on a monthly basis. This applies to both Annual & Family members in the first year they join the Club.  A chart on the first page of the membership application shows the pro-rated amounts

Club & Safety Orientation

The Club & Safety Orientation includes a facilities orientation and instructions in Range Rules and General Safety Regulations. Completion of this orientation seminar is mandatory for all new members prior to issuance of a membership card. This orientation is normally done on the Saturday immediately following your eBoard introduction/interview, or both may be scheduled as required.

The Orientation includes:

      • Club overview
      • Range Officer overview
      • Possible range closures during meets, shoots, and special events
      • Walking Safety Briefing of all Ranges
      • Acknowledgement of receipt and understanding of the Club by-laws.

Indoor Range – Pistol (all calibers) & .22 Rifle

If you would like to shoot at our Indoor Range, there is an extended process with a separate safety orientation and indoor Range qualification.  This can be completed on the same day as your overall Club Safety Orientation or at any future time.

We currently have the Indoor Range open for all standard calibers of handguns using conventional ammunition. (no magnums, no wadcutters) as well as .22 Rifles.

A Member may qualify for use of this range by hitting a standard 50 foot target with five (5) consecutive shots that are witnessed by the Safety Committee Chairperson or his/her designee. Upon successful demonstration of shooting proficiency, and payment of the $30,  the member will be given the Indoor Range Card with combo.

Family members may also qualify for Indoor Range use. The same qualification method will be used. Once qualified, the family member may purchase their own Indoor Range Card with combo.

Indoor Range Fees – We currently use a flat fee annual payment of $30 for use of the Indoor Range. This covers things like heat, lights and materials used for the Indoor Range.  The locks change on January 1, and the new year’s combo is needed starting then. There is an annual use fee of $30.00 for each person using the Indoor Range. This annual payment covers the individual for unlimited use of the Indoor Range which is open 24×365 (except for scheduled events)

Membership Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I pay online ?  – We frequently get questions about why don’t you use an online payment service like PayPal or Credit Cards ?   First the owners / operators of many online payment systems don’t like guns.. And by association Gun Clubs.  Several have specific clauses in their “rules” precluding use of their systems for materials or groups that support gun ownership / use.  Second, there are fees associated with these services, at the low volume we do, this would account for 3% to 7% of the money processed through the service, a burden we don’t think is right for dues money.  Therefore we accept cash and checks.

What if I can’t make the Combined Interview / Safety Orientation? – We all understand that folks have to schedule around busy lives.  If you really can’t make the meeting contact Club Secretary for alternatives.

What is the policy on Guests? – Members in good standing are allowed to bring guests to the Club.  The Member is completely responsible for that guest and their actions while on the property. All Club Rules must be followed by EVERYONE on the property.

How many times can I bring a guest?  We think that our annual dues and orientation processes are quite modest, so Guests are allowed on a “use your best judgment basis”. For example if your brother in law is here from Ohio on a couple weeks vacation and you bring him to the Club a couple times that seems reasonable.  However if you bring your next door neighbor “every Saturday” afternoon to shoot rifles… the neighbor should join the Club.   In your gut, you should feel comfortable with your decisions to bring guests to the Club, you are part of the Club and you are not “getting something over on the Club” when you abuse the guest policy, you are hurting yourself.   Membership for qualified candidates is easy, you know exactly what it involves, do the right thing.

Why do I have to get a Pistol & Revolver License, I just want to shoot my rifle? – Although we realize that some individuals will only shoot shotguns and rifles, and have no interest in concealed carry of a loaded handgun, regardless of this intent, the NH Pistol & Revolver License is the simplest way that PSC can ascertain that new applicants have completed a background check, and are considered “proper persons” to own and possess firearms.  If you have a current background check for other reasons, let us know, and we will review it with you to determine if it meets the requirements.

What if I have taken other training that you don’t list?  – It’s great that you have done that, we would be glad to consider any formal training you have previously completed.  Please help us understand what that was by bringing us course descriptions, class certificates, ectera.  We will try to work with you while ensuring new members are safe members.

I’ve signed up for a class but I have not completed training yet, can I still join? – Yes, you can attend the interview and orientation session, but you will not be issued the combos and membership cards, until you complete your training, we will hold your combo and cards and catch up with you as soon as you complete your class.

What if I have a job that requires a background check, do I still need to get a “NH Pistol & Revolver License” ? – No, Law Enforcement Officers, Security Guards, Armored Car Guards, Private Investigators, Hunter Ed Instructors, Camp Counselors and others are allowed to use their “Official IDs” to meet the requirement.